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Sun Peaks is considered one of Canada’s most scenic ski resort areas with panoramic views and spectacular backdrops. It is located 45 minutes from Kamloops and is the second largest ski area in British Columbia and the third largest in Canada. Sun Peaks is renowned for its reliable light powder conditions that make skiing effortless for every level of skier. Boasting over 2000 hours of sun a year, 220 inches of Champagne Powder with 122 runs and it is no wonder Olympic Gold Medalist, Nancy Greene, calls Sun Peaks home.

This stunning ski-through European style village located in British Columbia’s Thompson Okanagan offers a wide range of accommodation, restaurants, cafes and boutiques to accommodate every budget.

Packages include: Return airfares ex Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, Taxes, Transfers, 7 nights Sun Peaks accommodation, 6 day lift pass. (Please note that longer stays may be subject to larger discounts). Snowcapped Tours offers the best Sun Peaks ski holiday packages please enquire about specials.

**All Kids Under 12 Ski Free**

Delta Sun Peaks Resort - Premium

This luxury hotel provides guests with first class service and exclusive access to health club which features a heated year round outdoor swimming pool, sauna, full equipped gym and three outdoor hot tubs. The deluxe accommodation available to guest consists of the signature club rooms,one bedroom suite, junior suite, deluxe room, premier room and delta room, featuring all the amenities and spectacular mountain views. The hotel also has 2 restaurants, a lounge and a pub on site
DateRoom TypePeople SharingPrice (per Person) FromEx Nights From
01Dec13 - 25Dec13Delta Room2$3,864.00 $148.00
01Dec13 - 25Dec13Signature Club Room2$4,034.00$182.00
26Dec13 - 01Jan14Delta Room2$4,449.00 $213.00
26Dec13 - 01Jan14Signature Club Room2$4,680.00 $246.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan14Delta Room2$4,229.00 $176.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan14Signature Club Room2$4,444.00$219.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan14Delta Room2$4,452.00 $176.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan14Signature Club Room2$4,667.00 $219.00
18Jan14 - 01Feb14Delta Room2$3,632.00$176.00
18Jan14 - 01Feb14Signature Club Room2$3,847.00 $219.00
02Feb14 - 31Mar14Delta Room2$3,297.00$176.00
02Feb14 - 31Mar14Signature Club Room2$3,512.00$219.00

Delta Residences - Premium

Delta Residences consists of luxury home style living in the comfort of your own condominium. With an Italian Tyrolean village design the Delta Residences comprises of 41 stylishly decorated one and two bedroom luxury condominiums. Each suite consists of a master bedroom with king size bed, fireplace, a 32" LCD panel television in the living room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with large soaker tub and free standing glass shower. Guests also have the option to utilise the facilities of the adjoining Delta Sun Peaks Resort which includes the access to the exclusive health club and its amenities.
DateRoom TypePeople SharingPrice (per Person) FromEx Nights From
01Dec13 - 25Dec131 Bedroom Suite2$4,199.00$215.00
01Dec13 - 25Dec132 Bedroom Suite4$3,954.00 $166.00
26Dec13 - 01Jan141 Bedroom Suite2$4,911.00 $279.00
26Dec13 - 01Jan142 Bedroom Suite4$4,351.00$199.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan141 Bedroom Suite2$4,924.00 $243.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan142 Bedroom Suite4$4,546.00 $180.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan141 Bedroom Suite2$4,947.00 $243.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan142 Bedroom Suite4$4,569.00 $180.00
18Jan14 - 01Feb141 Bedroom Suite2$3,967.00 $243.00
18Jan14 - 01Feb142 Bedroom Suite4$3,652.00$180.00
02Feb14 - 31Mar141 Bedroom Suite2$3,632.00$243.00
02Feb14 - 31Mar142 Bedroom Suite4$3,317.00 $180.00

Kookaburra Lodge - Deluxe

The Kookaburra Lodge recently opened in December 2009 and is located across the street from the Sun Peaks Village recreation centre. The Kookaburra Lodge offers guests the newest and largest units in the Village Centre and is conveniently situated near the main lifts. This property offers bright and modern units featuring a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, internet access, heated tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, ski locker, television, electric fireplace, private hot tub and spectacular mountain views. The Kookaburra Lodge consists of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units as well studio, 2, and 3 bedroom lofts. Guests have the option of dining at the Globe restaurant or utilise the Sun Peaks Spa conveniently located in the building.
DateRoom TypePeople SharingPrice (per Person) FromEx Nights From
23Dec13 - 02Jan142 Bedroom4$4,992.00$287.00
23Dec13 - 02Jan143 Bedroom6$4,845.00 $359.00
23Dec13 - 02Jan143 Bedroom & Loft8$4,887.00$340.00
02Jan14 - 10Jan142 Bedroom4$4,463.00 $222.00
02Jan14 - 10Jan143 Bedroom6$4,353.00 $200.00
02Jan14 - 10Jan143 Bedroom & Loft8$4,078.00 $190.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan142 Bedroom4$4,238.00 $222.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan143 Bedroom6$4,128.00 $200.00
10Jan14 - 17Jan143 Bedroom & Loft8$4,078.00 $190.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb142 Bedroom4$3,418.00$222.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb143 Bedroom6$3,308.00$200.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb143 Bedroom & Loft8$3,258.00 $190.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb142 Bedroom4$3,268.00$259.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb143 Bedroom6$3,193.00 $244.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb143 Bedroom & Loft8$3,158.00$237.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar142 Bedroom4$3,128.00 $231.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar143 Bedroom6$3,083.00$222.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar143 Bedroom & Loft8$2,968.00 $199.00

Coast Sundance Lodge - Deluxe

The Coast Sundance Lodge is a deluxe hotel located right at the base of the Sundance high speed chairlift which enables guests to take full advantage of the only true ski-in and ski-out lodge in the village. Comprising of 84 hotel rooms, lofts, one and two bedroom suites the Coast Sundance Lodge offers guests a variety of services and amenities including an outdoor hot tub, fully equipped fitness centre, bar and grill, cafes and a convenience market. All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, toaster, coffee machine, microwave, complimentary high speed internet and full kitchens and fireplaces are confirmable. The lodge offers pet friendly studio fireplace rooms and balconies with mountain views available upon request.
DateRoom TypePeople SharingPrice (per Person) FromEx Nights From
23Dec13 - 01Jan14Superior Studio2$4,179.00 $189.00
23Dec13 - 01Jan142 Room Studio4$4,143.00 $183.00
23Dec13 - 01Jan142 Bedroom4$4,227.00 $197.00
01Jan14 - 09Jan14Superior Studio2$4,098.00 $138.00
01Jan14 - 09Jan142 Room Studio4$4,086.00$136.00
01Jan14 - 09Jan142 Bedroom4$4,308.00 $173.00
09Jan14 -17Jan14Superior Studio2$3,873.00 $138.00
09Jan14 -17Jan142 Room Studio4$3,861.00 $136.00
09Jan14 -17Jan142 Bedroom4$4,083.00$173.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb14Superior Studio2$3,053.00$138.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb142 Room Studio4$3,041.00$136.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb142 Bedroom4$3,263.00$173.00
01Feb14 - 27Feb14Superior Studio2$2,778.00 $148.00
01Feb14 - 27Feb142 Room Studio4$2,753.00 $144.00
01Feb14 - 27Feb142 Bedroom4$2,988.00 $183.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar14Superior Studio2$2,748.00$143.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar142 Room Studio4$2,730.00$140.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar142 Bedroom4$2,970.00$180.00

Fireside Lodge - Deluxe

The Fireside Lodge is ideally located across from the Sun Peaks village recreation centre in the heart of the village with ski in and ski out access to the main lifts. The lodge offers designer styled rooms consisting of studio, one and two bedroom units, features include a gas fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, telephone and common outdoor hot tub.
DateRoom TypePeople SharingPrice (per Person) FromEx Nights From
23Dec13 - 02Jan14Studio2$4,502.00$220.00
23Dec13 - 02Jan141 Bedroom4$4,089.00$161.00
23Dec13 - 02Jan142 Bedroom6$3,998.00$148.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan14Studio2$4,258.00$181.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan141 Bedroom4$4,073.00$144.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan142 Bedroom6$4,038.00$137.00
09Jan14 - 17Jan14Studio2$4,033.00$181.00
09Jan14 - 17Jan141 Bedroom4$3,848.00$144.00
09Jan14 - 17Jan142 Bedroom6$3,813.00$137.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb14Studio2$3,213.00$181.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb141 Bedroom4$3,028.00$144.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb142 Bedroom6$2,993.00$137.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb14Studio2$3,013.00$208.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb141 Bedroom4$2,748.00$155.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb142 Bedroom6$2,718.00$149.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar14Studio2$2,948.00$195.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar141 Bedroom4$2,718.00$149.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar142 Bedroom6$2,693.00$144.00

Crystal Forest - Deluxe

The fairytale like Crystal Forest is beautifully designed and includes 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condominiums to cater for everyone’s needs. Crystal Forest is located a short stroll to the lifts and the village core, but at the end of the day is a ski in property.
DateRoom TypePeople SharingPrice (per Person) FromEx Nights From
23Dec13 - 02Jan141 Bedroom2$5,027.00 $295.00
23Dec13 - 02Jan142 Bedroom4$4,523.00$223.00
23Dec13 - 02Jan143 Bedroom6$4,327.00 $195.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan141 Bedroom2$4,453.00$220.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan142 Bedroom4$4,198.00$169.00
02Jan14 - 09Jan143 Bedroom6$4,113.00$152.00
09Jan14 - 17Jan141 Bedroom2$4,228.00 $220.00
09Jan14 - 17Jan142 Bedroom4$3,973.00 $169.00
09Jan14 - 17Jan143 Bedroom6$3,888.00 $152.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb141 Bedroom2$3,408.00 $220.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb142 Bedroom4$3,153.00 $169.00
17Jan14 - 01Feb143 Bedroom6$3,068.00 $152.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb141 Bedroom2$3,343.00 $274.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb142 Bedroom4$2,968.00 $199.00
01Feb14 - 17Feb143 Bedroom6$2,858.00 $177.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar141 Bedroom2$3,238.00 $253.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar142 Bedroom4$2,858.00 $177.00
17Feb14 - 31Mar143 Bedroom6$2,768.00 $159.00

Trails Edge/Trappers Landing - Deluxe

Trails Edge and Trappers Landing are both located in the upper Sun Peaks village and depending on the location of the individual townhouse offer easy ski in/ski out access to the Morrisey Chairlift and Morrisey Mountain.  Individually decorated these houses offer all the amenities for your home away from home and come equipped with full kitchen, washer/dryer, gas fireplace and your private hot tub. Townhouse sizes range from 2, 3, up to 4 bedroom, some have extra dens.

Facilities: ski storage, complimentary wireless internet access, secure private garage, private hot tub


Hearthstone Lodge - Moderate

The Hearthstone Lodge is suitably located in the centre of the Sun Peaks village close to the ski lifts.  Accommodation types include Studio, Loft, 1 and 3 Bedroom suites, as well as Club Kid suites, all with their own fireplace, kitchen, flat screen TV and high speed internet.

Facilities:  Outdoor hot tubs, ski storage, fitness centre, laundry, secure parking and restaurants in the same building.


Snowcapped Tours offer many more properties in this resort. If you have an enquiry for any particular property please contact us here.

Please note that the prices displayed on this website are to be used as a guide only. Prices are subject to change without notice and may be subject to availability and conditions. For an accurate quote, please contact Snowcapped Tours

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Sun Peaks Mountain Stats
Beginner Ski Area
Intermediate Ski Area
Advanced Ski Area
Ski Lifts
Average Annual Snowfall
Longest Run
Kamloops Airport
45 mins

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